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Welcome to our Photo Gallery of some of our organised events.

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Dedication of the Woodrow Wilson Monument

Oct 3rd, 2011 - VIP Reception at Four Seasons - 5th Floor Terrace, 4 Guests

Oct 4th, 2011 - Gala Dinner at Rudolfinum, 310 Guests

First, I hope you all got home without any problems and enjoyed some additional free time with friends and family; and I hope you returned home with pride and good feelings about what we achieved to bring forth a memorable dedication week in Prague. 
My view is that Dedication week was a success.   And it didn’t just happen.   This committee worked diligently and effectively to achieve one amazingly successful event  after another.   Each one of these events  was substantial and worthy of note, but taken together it became became something that will be long remembered by all who experienced it.  There is no doubt that we have honored the memory of Wilson, the Czech and US relationship and the Dedication we set out to celebrate.  I am proud to be associated with so many talented, dedicated and effective colleagues.  My hat is off to you all. 
On behalf of the Committee, I would also like to acknowledge someone whose talent, experience, organization and planning skills—and when necessary “persistent pressure”-- made the dedication week an amazingly smooth-running success.  We will never know all the little and big problems that were just handled by her and her team.  For sure we could not been able to achieve so much without her.  I am speaking about Magdalena Vosalikova.   Magdalena, we have the greatest regard for you and for your colleagues at Czech PR.  You were the engine behind our Committee.   Many many thanks from all of us.
Our special thanks to Andrea Hanušová for her tireless efforts in creating a wonderful and memorable Gala dinner experience for us all that exceeded all expectations; and to Max Munson for his diligent efforts to pull off a sporting event that complemented the other events of the week.  Thanks for sticking with it Max--you never doubted.  And many thanks to our multitalented Lillis Werder who not only was the go-to person for the committee to get things done, she was our point person payments, dealing with the tough issues for our visitors, and best of all, she recorded the entire week with art and creative vision.   It wasn’t always easy Lillis, but you were always there to capture the moments—all the best ones.
As I look at the attached photo with all of us posed before the Hrad, it seems that we can justifiably look back with pride that we were all part of something important, something that really did happen.  It was not a dream.  I continue to be awed by the dedicated efforts that you each devoted so that the dedication became the memorable event that it deserved to be.

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