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Welcome to Czech Republic - the heart of Europe. Come to the country of sandstone rocks, spa towns, old castles and idyllic villages.

Welcome to Prague - the heart of Bohemia, one of the most beautiful cities. Come to the medieval "city of 100 spires"with its ancient courtyards, mysterious passages and stunning architecture.

Czech Republic, leading country of Middle Europe territory, has been very interesting space for studying the aspects of emerging society. After 20 years of building the modern, open and competitive economy you can see that it is a long-way run while reaching lots of milestones in the meantime.

The changes in the social environment together with the aspects of globalization and new technologies enormously change the way of living here. On the other hand there have been many successful examples of the integration of the Czech economical subjects into the multinational companies, which brought new business culture into the Czech Republic and the region of Middle Europe.

We believe that BohemiaEvents will be your prime partner for enabling you to have the best economical, social, culture information related to the unique transitioning process of this part of the world. We offer opportunities for students from around the world to be exposed to one of the fastest developing markets on the globe.

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