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BohemiaEvents has many years of experiences in organisation student programms for MBA and PhD students from all around the world.

Our main activity is establishing and maintaining relationships with universities from across the USA and Europe supplementing them with educational programs focused on the region of Central Europe.

Universities have a need of an international component that would conveniently supplement their business programs and that would help them to bring up globally aware managers.

Therefore we offer to them "tailor-made" educational programs that are based on individual needs of the visiting schools supplement the business study programs all around the world.

BohemiaEvents wants to develop cross-cultural understanding of business issues characteristic for emerging markets and transitioning economies and out if this resulting business challenges and opportunities.

Our aim is to gain deeper insight of Czech business environment, business values and attitudes as well as local cultural differences in order to see business problems from Czech point of view.

All study programs are based on educational modules, the main part of it, which consist of lectures that are conveniently supplemented by visits in companies or other institutions.

These "tailor-made" programs are enriched by cultural programs or events such as guided tours of cities, castles, concerts, traditional dinners etc. The visiting schools decide on the overall theme of the program by selecting from a variety of lecture topics and company visits.

BohemiaEvents then carefully organizes and arranges the logistics of the entire visit while closely cooperating with the school. All of our programs are designed to meet the needs of working professionals.

Our clients

  • universities providing all levels of MBA study programs (full and part time)
  • undergraduates
  • graduates
  • executives

Our current prime market is USA. We need to develop deeper understanding of the core markets in order to recognize trends and consequently target market's demands and exploit all chances to attract the target group.

Our long-term goal is to expand our activities towards secondary markets such as Japan, Russia, Northern and Western Europe, Australia, East Asia and South America.

Our programs are designed not only for professional business and management schools, colleges and universities, but as well for the managers and people who aspire to managerial positions in companies, non-profit organizations and institutions at different levels.

We provide a dynamic educational experience for universities and corporations thanks to a professional academic background we have and long-term, strong relationships with top business executives in the Czech Republic.

In addition to business know-how about the Central European Region we help the universities to understand and learn about local history and culture through a variety of social and cultural events - they create excellent and memorable study abroad experiences.

Corporations Taking part in our programs give them an opportunity to prepare their employees for a successful career and give them the insight and perspective needed to manage more effectively in different business cultures requiring a strong international perspective. They will have a chance to visit local companies and organizations to establish a presence in the region and to forge beneficial contacts.

What does the program include

Universities from across the USA, Canada and Europe bring their students to BohemiaEvents in an effort to show them first-hand the political economic, cultural and social environment of Central and Eastern Europe.

BohemiaEvents designs and implements customized tailor-made programs in all areas and disciplines for universities, schools and corporations. Visiting schools have the opportunity to select the overall theme and topics covered during their stay. Programs are professional, practical oriented.

Students will acquire knowledge by sharing ideas, discussing business issues and learning from the extensive business know-how of corporate representatives and academics from across CEE.

BohemiaEvents concentrate on each individual student's background in order to understand their needs and prepare professional and valuable program.Tailor-made programs include:

Topics Most clients desire programs based on topics they choose. A variety of ways including lectures, case studies and presentations is used. Topics are presented by guest speakers on selected topics relevant to the group's interests in business and economic as well as non-business related subjects.

Panel Discussions Panel discussions are directed with experienced speakers from Czech companies, representatives from government and experts from various fields who give practical insight into the mechanism of doing business in the region, a variety of pertinent topics as well as a perspective on subjects such as history, politics, music and art.

In-company Visits Students have the opportunity to visit and see a variety of different types of operations both Czech and multinational. Facility tours are followed by meetings, presentations and discussions with management. In-company visits allow students to meet with senior management of local Czech and multinational organizations, to tour facilities and to learn what doing business in an international setting includes. Company visits give students exposure to top management, entrepreneurs, and employers, while tailor-made seminars feature speakers who represent various government departments, social institutions, and labor unions who provide an unique insight into the social and political aspects of business organizations in the Czech Republic.

Social and cultural events

Social and cultural events are often and much appreciated. We are sure students will enjoy our proposals of culture events not only in Prague:

    many types of guided tours to Prague, well-know Czech castles and other attractions
  • concerts, operas, exhibitions
  • wine cellar tasting and dinner
  • special dinners with traditional Czech cuisine
The programs are created based on your criterion and objectives. Their structures can be adapted to meet the needs of institutional or corporate business program. The average length of the program is from 4-7 days and may focus on one or more business topics, sectors.

We can offer you different business programs

  • Single discipline programs - concentrating on one particular topic, as for example "European Business Today"
  • Programs across the discipline - designed for universities who wish to know more about a variety of different topics - for example "Transformation of the Czech Economy"
  • Programs focusing on specific business environment - focusing on particular topic in a specific business environment as for example "The Czech banking sector"
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