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Life giving rituals have been practiced in every culture since the begining of time. Luxury spa has merged techniques and pholosophies from around the world into a potent bledn of treatments, ensuring an optimal wellness experience.

The guest journey begins with the exchange of shoes for comfortable slippers, an enduring oriental welcome which signifies the leaving of the external world behind.

Guests are then guided through a holistic sensory experience that touches the mind, the body and the spirit.  Our therapies bring together ancient and contemporary techniques, which combined with an array of heat and water treatments, mark the passing to a realm outside the ordinary.

Each spa is designed for tranquility in soothing colours with organic textures. Holistic therapists and global healing practices come together in a legendary quality experience, where guests are transported to a haven of self-reflection and discovery.

Guests are encouraged to continue their spa experience at home with recommendations of practices and products suitable for each individual.

Please contact us for types of massages and price list.

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