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Sky Lanterns will add a magical sparkle to your celebration.

Traditionally used in Asian festivals, Sky Lanterns create an awe inspiring alternative to a fire work display. Sky Lanterns (Khoom Fay) utilise the power of fire to create an enchanting moment that will be with you always.
Our unique, solid fuel cell used with our lanterns means each one can last up to 20 minutes as they rise up to 1500 metres high and travel for miles.

The History Of Khoom Fay (Sky Lanterns) Launching Sky Lanterns is one of the most renowned folk activities, during the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival in Taiwan. Sky Lanterns date back hundreds of years, when armies employed them as signalling devices and later were adopted by common folk, who used them to convey their wishes to heaven.

The locals believe floating candles (Sky Lanterns) offer poignancy and tranquility and the strings of breathtaking stars bring back all your ancestral spirits.  The local folk in Asia believe that as the Sky Lantern rise, it takes away their troubles and brings good luck in the future.

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