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• Wedding receptions for up to 300 people
• Smaller groups of people will prefer other lounges
• Open bar available (unlimited consumption of house wine, beer and soft drinks)
• Type of cuisine: upon wish (catering)
• Rental fee is required
This venue was created from two medieval buildings most likely founded during the first expansion of the city. The first mention of the structure dates back to 1381 when it was owned by a cheese producer and vendor Nicolas Enderlin. In the course of the following centuries, the facility had dozens of owners from the ranks of New Town tradesmen and craftsmen, knights, noblemen, barons, and counts.
As time went on, pragmatically oriented owners of the palace began using the ground floor more and more for business purposes. Amongst others, the complex housed a shop producing coffee substitute and a facility where patterns were printed on silk and canvas textiles. The palace became part of Prague's social life relatively late, but it did so with gusto. Following lengthy negotiations, the complex was acquired in 1873 by Deutsches Kasino, an association that transformed it into its headquarters which remained there until May 1945 when the facility was renamed and became a landmark of cheerful corporate parties and boisterous graduation balls.

A few venues can be offered for your reception (for up to 1000 people in the historical ballroom):
- Large dance hall (657,28 square meters) – gala dinner up to 300 people, raut up to 700 people
- Small dance hall(158 square meters) - gala dinner up to 150 people, raut up to 60 people
- Large gallery and foyer (474.5 + 72.6 square meters) - gala dinner up to 250 people, raut up to 400 people
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